Griptech 360˚ Rotators

Griptech’s 360˚ rotators are extremely rugged and well designed, and are built to take on heavy-duty agricultural and industrial loads. Various models are available to suit load weight/type, and model of forklift being used.

A tough and versatile range of 360˚ rotators.

Advantages of the Griptech 360˚ Rotators

Griptech's 360⁰ rotators benefit from a rugged design and suitable for industrial as well as agricultural use. The Class II and III KIK-models are equipped with a folding side arm to prevent damage to the boxes and are available with a side-shift. The heavy duty DE-models are designed to fit forklifts from Class II up to Class IV and pin type with a capacity from 1800 kgs (3960 lbs) all the way up to 15000 kgs (33000 lbs)!

Class II and III KIK Models

The KIK models can turn 360 degrees in both directions and are equipped with a folding side-arm which is automatically locked in open or closed position. This side-arm can be manually adjusted and handle boxes with a maximum width of 1600 mm (63"). They come in either 5500 lbs or 7700 lbs capacity. Side-shift and hydraulic top arm are available.

The Heavy Duty DE Model

Griptech's durable and very robust heavy duty rotators are suitable for intense industrial use. They use a very high quality worm-wheel gear ring drive in which 3 teeth are constantly in full grip. Because the drive is applied to the side, the view is not restricted. For larger capacities a double drive is being used. Model DE is available with or without side shift.

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