Griptech Fork Spreaders

Griptech’s fork spreaders have the ability to move the forks far beyond the width of the forklift allowing for very wide loads. Their newest generation forks spreaders have a unique patented guidance construction.

Tackling any load width.

Advantages of the Griptech Fork Spreaders

  • Minimal view obstruction by the frame.
  • Smallest possible effective thickness.
  • Rugged construction.
  • Cylinder rods are protected inside the frame.
  • Higher residual capacity of the fork lift.
  • Maintenance friendly.

Double Fork Spreader

Griptech also offers a Double Fork Spreader which allows for handling of two pallets at the same time or one wide pallet. In case of handling two pallets at the time it is possible to move both pallets towards or away from each other. All double fork spreaders are equipped with a side shift to be able to position the pallets accurately. These double fork spreaders have above mentioned patented guidance construction and thus the same advantages as the single fork spreaders.

Optional additional advantages:

  • Standard pressure spring (no gas spring) within the guidance construction.
  • Bottom part of forks is exchangable.
Multi Pallet Transport

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