Premier Pallet Inverters and Changers

The Pallet Inverter is fast becoming a vital piece of equipment throughout the Canadian warehouse and pharmaceutical industries. For over 30 years Premier Pallet Systems have been building some of the highest quality inverters in the industry. These machines can be used for a wide range of versatile solutions.

Versatility and flexibility that results in increased efficiency and safety.

Who can use a pallet inverter?

In principal any company who handles their product on pallets has a potential need for a Pallet Inverter. Generally, customers can be broken down into 4 categories, one of these being to recover broken pallets or damaged goods at the bottom of a stack. It is fair to say that almost every inverter ever sold has at some time been used to give quick access to the bottom of the stack; many of them for only that purpose.

The biggest users of inverters are undoubtedly food and pharmaceutical companies who need to switch incoming goods from wooden to hygienic pallets for use in production areas. Hygiene is becoming increasingly critical and it is now out of the question for a wood pallet which could harbour any amount of chemicals or contamination from previous uses, to be allowed into a clean zone.

The same hygiene and safety-conscious companies who employ an inverter on the incoming side of their operation may use one for outgoing goods as well. Pharmaceutical products in particular are often palletised on plastic or other top quality skids in the factory but are switched to cheaper expendable pallets for distribution.

The fourth category of pallet inverter user is the company who simply needs to turn something through 180 degrees. Examples include:

  • Printers who need to print on both sides of the sheet of paper.
  • Producers of laminated product such as MDF board.
  • Cheese producers during the maturation process.
  • Vineyards will allow the cork to expand in the neck of the bottles then turn them through 180 degrees for long term storage.
  • Concrete sections can be inverted to remove the steel mould.
  • Bananas are turned after ripening for better presentation in the supermarket.

FS Pallet Inverter

  • Free standing 180 degree inverter with single loading table with 4400 lbs capacity.
  • Loaded and relocatable by forklift truck.
  • Control options: lever controls/pendant controls or fully automated.
  • Attached guarding
  • Easy load transfer from wood to plastic pallet, slip sheet or rental pallet.
  • Quick removal of broken or damaged product.

FSDC Pallet Inverter

  • Versatile freestanding inverter with dual clamps.
  • Can be loaded by forklift truck or at ground level by pallet truck with either ramped access or flush-to-floor tables.
  • Standard unit handles loads up to 79" and down to as low as 24" in height.
  • Loading capacity is 4400 lbs.
  • Customised versions can include increased jaw opening and table size.
  • Ideal choice where there is a big variety of load types and sizes and floor level loading is preferred.

DD 1.25 Pallet Inverter

  • A versatile unit specifically designed to handle loads in the lower volume and weight range (up to 2750 lbs) such as dairy products, pharmaceuticals, consumer goods and stacks of paper.
  • Lightweight (3300 lbs) and compact size, perfect for confined areas or difficult to access locations.
  • Can be loaded by forklift truck, stacker, or at ground level by hand pallet truck via a 1.5m long ramp.
  • Attached guarding and simple push button controls with option of semi or fully automatic controls.

G95 Pallet Inverter

  • Offers a basic alternative to the conventional 180° Inverters.
  • By tipping the load on its side just beyond 90° and opening the top clamp, the load is allowed to glide gently away from the pallet enabling its removal and exchange.
  • Operates ideally with block-stacked, usually boxed, goods.
  • Robust construction makes it particularly suitable for cold store operations where it is also ideal for freezer separator removal.
  • Two basic maximum jaw openings of 2250mm and 1950mm are available.
  • 1500 kg (3300 lbs) capacity.

Pallet Changer

  • Premier’s most sophisticated model which enables the operator to swap pallets from beneath the load without any necessity to touch them by hand.
  • Designed and built to meet individual customer requirements on stack heights where goods need to be stable when resting on their side.
  • Handles loads up to 3300 lbs.
  • The Pallet Changer's side clamping maintains the integrity of the load.
  • The Pallet Changer is always totally automated and supplied with the appropriate fixed guarding.


Premier's V-Changer is the latest addition to the extensive range of pallet transfer equipment which allows for a hands-free operation. The original pallet is returned to ground level ready for removal and replacement by pallet truck.

  • Tilts back 110° so it safely retains most palletized loads.
  • Easy semi-automatic hold-to-run control.
  • Handles loads from 24" to 79" high and up to 3300 lbs in weight.
  • Simple operation and solid construction.

Palletless Loading using RollerForks

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