Height Extensions & Hydraulic Jib Cranes

The single height shift system allows forks to move vertically apart from each other so that the load always stays horizontally on the forks. The mast height extensions are designed to increase the height of a standard lift truck mast. Hydraulic jib cranes can be used to lift a load that is equipped with a grip on the upper side.

Efficiency that pays off.

Mast Height Extensions

This unique mast extension range is designed to adjust the height of a standard lift-truck mast. This is especially useful if the existing mast does not comply with the requested height. The mast extensions enable lift-trucks to be enhanced with an additional telescopic boom. The same lift-truck can then handle extra pallets at a higher level without a larger load centre being required.

Increase maximum height

The Mast Height Extension is designed to increase the lift truck height of an existing lift truck mast. By adding the Mast Height Extension to a lift truck you can increase the maximum height of your racking without the need to change the mast or buy a new lift truck. Similarly the Mast Height Extension can be used to improve under-door clearance whilst maintaining greatest possible lift height. The extension has excellent visibility and guarantees 100% synchronization of movement because of its integrated equalizing system.

Single Height Shift System

A side loader which is equipped with a driver’s cabin situated parallel to the load is ideal for long general cargo handling, such as building materials, tree trunks, lengths of steel, concrete etc. By adjusting the upright on either side, the single height shift system is the solution for keeping your long load horizontal. The enormous capacities of some of the side loaders will not be a problem for MSE.

Hydraulic Jib Cranes

The Jib Crane can be used to lift a load that is equipped with a grip on the upper side. It is equipped with a loading hook. The deep bore technology enables the portable arm to hydraulically be moved in and out from the operator's cabin.

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