Stimag Forklift Weighing Systems

Why drive up to a scale when there is a possibility to weigh your goods on the spot. This will not only save you time, but also eliminate the risk of damaging the goods during transport to a scale.

Efficient weighing saves time and money.

STL-V-Basic Forklift Weighing System

The STL-V-basic forklift weighing system enables you to weigh your goods on the spot. You do not have to drive up to a floor scale, but are able to read the actual weight of your load immediately on your display, which not only saves you time, but also reduces the risk of damaging the goods during transport. This system is not only designed to keep track of the weight of incoming and outgoing goods, but also of the quality and the quantity of your products.

These weighing forks are suitable for most Class II and Class III fork lift trucks with a capacity of up to 7700 lbs and available in lengths of 39" and 45". And with a weight of only 165 lbs per fork and a thickness of 2.4" it will not limit the capacity of your forklift. The system is equipped with a spiral cable between both forks connected to the indicator in the forklift. Wireless transmission between the forks and the indicator (using one battery only) is an option. It has a high accuracy rating of 0.1% and a readability of 2 lbs (up to 2.5 tons). Legal for trade version is optional as well as a printer with time and date print out. The indicator has a clear 0.8" LCD display and 5 push buttons to enable you to control the whole weighing process.

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